How might we help people contribute more usefully to dinner parties?
I designed, tested, and built a prototype for a dinner party planning mobile app.



6 weeks
solo project


Paper prototyping
Front-end coding


Paper and pencil
HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery


My mind always goes STRAIGHT to food

When asked to create a to-do app, my mind immediately went to food. I noticed a lack of dinner party apps on the market, so I focused my interpretation of "to-do" on both organizing who is bringing what to a party, and in potluck settings, making sure people contribute appropriately.

Paper prototype
The first phase of the project involved creating a paper prototype for the app. I user-tested and iterated on my prototype three times. In doing so, I was able to fine tune the interactions of both the host and party-goer sides of the app.


Invision prototype
Using the final paper prototype, I next build a partial hi-fi InVision prototype of the app. I focused on the early screens of the app because I was focused on the initial interactions users might have. Another focus of the InVision prototype was to focus on current iOS design guidelines while building an identifiable brand.

Invision Prototype  

Final coded prototype
For the final coded prototype of Wine and Dine, I wanted to focus on the main interactions of the app - registering for an event, adding items, signing up to bring items, and finally, deleting items. I also user-tested the app and was able to sharpen mouse-hover feed-forward cues that were previously ambiguous. Moving forward I would likely continue with this app should I dig deeper into front end development, as I see a reasonable void in the market. Psst, the demo is at the top of the page.