There's a big disconnect between eSports and living room gamers. I designed and pitched a team-based variation of turnless chess to Twitch and Amazon.



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Designing for a Pitch

In the Audience Participation Games class, we had the opportunity to pitch a game idea to Amazon Game Studios, and Lumberyard executives. My prompt was to take a symmetric game (that is, a game where all players have the same capacities and goals) and redesign it as an asymmetric game (give players different capacities and goals).

I chose the game of chess and redesigned it to be more appealing to spectators. My belief is that Twitch could leverage the ubiquity and low learning curves of classic board games to reach beyond the current eSports crowds and target more mainstream audiences.

Team Chess Battle is 6v6 chess with no turns. Each team member controls a piece type (pawn, knight, rook, bishop, queen, king), with the goal of capturing the enemy king.

Each player controls only one of the six piece types.

Each player controls only one of the six piece types.

As in regular chess, each piece type has different capabilities and goals, but in Team Chess Battle, those capabilities are divided amongst the team members. Each time a piece is moved, that piece type must wait out a "recharge" time before it can be moved again. These times vary among piece types, leading to the development of piece-specific strategies (for example pawn specialists might arise as players learn good opening formations).

There are a number of additional strategic, social, and psychological implications of such a chess redesign. If games are your thing, check out the full presentation or report below - I'd love to collaborate on this idea going forward.

Pitch presentation