I recorded, mixed, and animated an IoT-themed Kickstarter video, in one day,
for a smart doggie door, (and lived to tell the tale!)


project breakdown

3 weeks
3 person team

Audio editor
Video editor

Keyframe animation
Audio production
Video production

After Effects
Logic Pro X
Premiere Pro


Pushing my limits

For our final project in Interaction Design Studio 1 at Carnegie Mellon, our group was tasked with creating a Kickstarter-themed video for an Internet of Things product. Our pitch, Petra is a smart doggy door designed to give pets freedom and save time and energy for pet owners.

My contributions to the project included:

  • all keyframe animations (Adobe After Effects)

  • vocal tracking, editing, and mastering (Logic Pro X)

  • video editing and mastering (Adobe Premiere Pro)

Of note, all of my final contributions came in the 36 hour window leading up to a tight deadline. I learned a great deal about pushing my own limits when the final goal is seemingly unattainable.